Tirolo High Mountain Trail in the Passeiertal Valley

General description

The Alta Via Tirolo starts and ends in the tourist centres of Mayrhofen and Meran. Between the two, there are 130 km of hiking paths with ascents of 9000 m in total and descents of 10,000 m in total. It is possible to do this tour in 11 to 13 days.

You are rewarded with breathtaking views of the impressive mountains of various characteristics. The ice giants of the Ziller Alps, the dark mountains of the main Alps, the pale Dolomite peaks of the Tribulaune, the high peaks of the Passeier Valley as well as the largest high Alpine group of lakes in South Tyrol and then of course, the apple orchards of Meran.

The Tiroler Höhenweg/Alta Via Tirolo … Discover pure nature!

Route description

8th Stage: St. Martin am Schneeberg/S. Martino in Monteneve (2,355 m) – Hochfirst inn (1,763 m)

9th Stage: Hochfirst inn (1,763 m) – Zwickauer Hütte mountain hut (Planfernerhütte) (2,979 m)

10th Stage: Zwickauer Hütte mountain hut (2,982 m) – Stettiner Hütte mountain hut (2,875 m) | ATTENTION: The hiking way is very exposed.

11th Stage: Stettiner Hütte mountain hut (2,875 m) – Pfelders/Plan (1,622 m)

12th Stage: Pfelders/Plan – Pfelderer Tal Valley (1,622 m) – Bockerhütte mountain hut (1,700 m)

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