Path of Contemplation (Besinnungsweg) in Riffian/Rifiano

General description

From the parking lot in Caines/Kuens proceed along the Hochübel road taking the Riffianer Waalweg trail before arriving at the Sanctuary of the Sorrowful Holy Mother (Wallfahrtskirche Zu den Sieben Schmerzen Mariens) in Rifiano/Riffian. For the devoted, the pilgrimage to Rifiano is a well-trodden destination, with over 700 pilgrims visiting to date. The seven stations retrace Mary’s path, Her Seven Dolors portrayed on the ornamentation around the miraculous image at the main church altar.

In winter some sections of the route may be covered in snow or ice.

The path is not suitable for pushchairs.

description to arrive at destination

From Merano / Meran to the Passeier Valley in direction of Passo Rombo / Passo Giovo fino a Caines / Kuens then up to the "Hochübelweg".

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