Mountain hike over the Spronserjoch

General description

Rewarding mountain hike with wonderful panoramic views of the Spronser Lake district and the surrounding mountains.

Route description

Take a rented minibus or taxi from Dorf Tirol/Tirolo into the Passeier Valley to Pfelders (1622 m). Follow trail no. 6 through the forest to the tree line. Continue along trail no. 6 past Faltschnal Alp through Faltschnal Valley to the Faltschnaljoch (2420 m). Continue up the mountain across the shale slopes to the Spronserjoch (2520 m). Continue on trail no. 6 downhill to Lakes Schiefersee and Gruensee to the Oberkaser Alp (refuge hut, 2131 m). Then take hiking trail no. 6 down through the Spronser Valley past the Bocker Hut (inn) and Longfall inn to the Tiroler Kreuz inn. From here return to Dorf Tirol either on foot or by bus.

Description to arrive at destination

Take a rented minibus or taxi from Tirolo into the Passeier Valley to Plan.

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