Mountain hike to the Tschigot peak

General description

Challenging route to the striking, craggy Tschigot outcrop with splendid views of the Merano basin.

Route description

Take the cable car to the Hochmuth on the eve of your hike, then trail 24 to Leiter Alp and continue to the Hochganghaus. Stay overnight in the refuge hut.

Set out early, following trail 7, which snakes steeply uphill (trail secured with wire ropes and chains), to the Hochgangscharte (2455 m). Continue right past the Milchsee lakes passing over blocks with sparse route markings towards the Tschigot. To the right of the summit the striking southern stack takes us to our destination. Descend via the western ridge (exposed ledges and ridge trail) to the Halsljoch (extreme care!) Here the route crosses sparse remnants of glacier ice past the bivouac and further into the Milchseescharte to the Milchsee lakes (steep descent, chains available). Follow trail 7 to above Langsee lake, then trail 22 to Gruensee lake, and finally trail 6 down through the Spronser valley to the Tiroler Kreuz inn.

Description to arrive at destination

Along the Bolzano-Merano expressway to the Merano South/Sinigo exit - Tirolo - along Via Principale and Via Aslago to the valley station of the Hochmuth cable car.

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