Mountain hike to the Taufenscharte

General description

The Taufenscharte between Mutspitz and Rötl is the end point of a challenging mountain hike. The route contains both steep passages and, above all, some scenic highlights.

Route description

Take the cable car up the mountain to Hochmuth inn. Trail no. 22 leads steeply uphill to Steinegg inn (1420 m). Continue left on trail no. 24 (Hans Frieden Weg) on the broad but exposed track up to Leiter Alp (1522 m). At the junction turn onto trail no. 25, which winds steeply uphill to the Taufenscharte (2230 m). The descent is on the north side via trail no. 25 until this trail meets the Jaegersteig (trail no. 22), which winds moderately steeply below the northern slope and down to the Mutkopf (inn, 1684 m). Continue along trail no. 22 to Hochmuth inn (1350 m). From here take the cable car back to Dorf Tirol/Tirolo. A head for heights is essential.

Description to arrive at destination

Along the Bolzano-Merano expressway to the Merano South/Sinigo exit - Tirolo - along Via Principale and Via Aslago to the valley station of the Hochmuth cable car.

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