Hike along the panoramic trail

General description

Pleasant, approximately two hour-long hike with wonderful views of the spa town of Meran/Merano.

Route description

From the village center (tourist information office) follow the main street (Hauptstraße) downhill to Hotel Gartner. Turn into Segenbühelweg and follow this street to the Peace Chapel (Friedenskapelle). Go down Kapellensteig path to Erlachhof. Here turn right into Zenobergstraße road and continue for approx. 150 m to Haus Kuechelberg. Below Haus Kuechelberg turn right into Tappeinerweg; take this path past the Gunpowder Tower as far as Café Saxifraga. Now turn right onto Tirolersteig. Follow this (rather steep) uphill path to Segenbühelweg street. From here it is possible to return to the village by bus or to go on foot via Segenbühelweg and Hauptstraße back to the start of the hike.

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