Hike from Dorf Tirol/Tirolo to Kuens/Caines

General description

Easy hike in beautiful scenery with view of the earth pillars of Kuens/Caines.

Route description

The starting point of the hike from Dorf Tirol/Tirolo to Kuens/Caines is the center of Dorf Tirol. Take Seminarstrasse past the Johanneum and Haselried to Auer Castle. Above the castle turn right to the Spronserbach brook. From there cross over the Spronserbach on the right, then continue towards Kuens to the Ungericht inn. From the Ungericht head up the trail to the earth pyramids to just above Jaufenstraße, then continue uphill via Saxl-Egg and Lingweg back to Dorf Tirol.

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