The Merano Waalweg Circuit (irrigation channels) - stage n° 6 Partschins/Parcines - Rabland/Rablà

Walking along the ancient irrigation channels near Parcines


General description

The Meran/o Waalweg circuit: the paths along the irrigation canals in Meran/o embrace the basin of Meran/o along an 80 km path. The tracks join eleven paths along the irrigation canals in the Meran/o area – the Algund/Lagundo, Kuens/Caines, Riffian/Riffiano, Maia, Schenna/Scena, BrandisinLana, Tscherms/Cermes, Marling/Marlengo, Partschins/Parcines, Rabland/RablàandWallburg in Naturns/Naturnopaths. The paths along the irrigation canals in Meran/o can be completed in several stages over a 7 or 8 day period, however walks can also be done as part of a day tour. Stage n° 6 brings the hiker to the Waalweg of Partschins/Parcines and to the Waalweg of Rabland/Rablà!

Route description

Tour Start
Töll/Tel, Hydro-electricity station
Tour End
Rabland/Rablá (Happichl inn)

From the starting point in Töll/Tel at the hydro-electricity station, you follow the culture trail Peter Mitterhofer to Partschins/Parcines centre. From there you follow the street to Vertigen and from there you follow the Partschins/Parcines Waalweg trail westward. At the end of the Waalweg you follow the street about 5 minutes direction Partschins. On the right hand, you pass a bridge and follow the path n° 1 direction Winklerhof inn. From there you take the Waalweg Rabland/Rablà. The end of the Waalweg Rabland/Rablà is also the end of the sixth stage of the the paths along the Waalwege (irrigation canals) in Meran/o!


Due to the limited parking facilities in the municipality of Parcines and in the spirit of sustainability, as well as the protection of the Parcines recreational area, we ask you to use public transport. Thank you very much!

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