Partschins, Rabland and Töll
Holidays in a charming mountain village above Merano
Partschins, Rabland and Töll
Partschins, Rabland and Töll
Partschins, Rabland and Töll
Partschins, Rabland and Töll
Partschins, Rabland and Töll

Partschins, Rabland and Töll

Holidays in a charming mountain village above Merano

Partschins/Parcines and its surrounding villages of Rabland/Rablà and Töll/Tel are located just six kilometers from the spa town of Meran/Merano, at the entrance of the Texelgruppe Nature Park. The 97m high Parcines waterfall is one of the most beautiful in the Alps.
A pinch of gold for the nose
The Parcines waterfall is a health resort with air as pure as in the Arctic. read more ...
A pinch of gold for the nose
Holidays in Parcines

... in Merano's most captivating outlying village.

Enjoy hiking, biking, and South Tyrolean cuisine and culture, recharge your batteries and enhance your health in unspoilt natural surroundings – a holiday in Partschins has a lot to offer. And, thanks to its ideal location – with Merano/Meran, the Vinschgau/Val Venosta Valley and the Texel group of mountains right by the door – there are countless options to explore.

Blessed by sunshine, the climate and the natural healing resources of its waterfall, Partschins and its surrounding villages of Rabland/Rablà and Töll/Tel, lies at the entrance to South Tyrol’s largest nature park, the Texel Group. A real leisure and hiking paradise, with everything that goes with that, such as panoramic and irrigation channel trails boasting magnificent views, 13 (!) three thousand meter-plus mountains, single trails for mountain bike lovers, long distance hikes on the Meraner Höhenweg High Altitude Trail, and climbing on the many rock faces or the Ziel Via Ferrata. All this is nicely spread out across two mountainsides, easily accessible by the two cable cars.

A little further down in the valley, visitors to Partschins can enjoy a wide range of activities: cycling along the Etsch cycle path, the Via Claudia Augusta, a detour to the Typewriter Museum, Railway World or the Bad Egart Royal and Imperial Museum. Or a leisurely walk through the old village centre, past stately residences, castles and prehistoric places of worship.

Health and wellness: the Partschins Waterfall

Partschins Waterfall is an impressive landmark in this unique setting: a thunderous natural spectacle with a drop height of 97 metres and proven benefits to health and wellbeing. “Gsund bleibm! Salute! Take care!” is the name of the health programme that is based on the outstanding water and air quality of Partschins Waterfall and which, with guided visitor experiences in the natural surroundings, places the emphasis on prevention, mindfulness and slowing down.

Regional cuisine and genuine hospitality

The wide range of food available in the restaurants and inns in the holiday resort of Partschins is healthy yet indulgent. Typical South Tyrolean dishes are served, which are delicious with a creative twist, prepared with fresh produce directly from the surrounding fields or rural farm shops, and always authentic, high quality and sustainable. The latter is also true of the accommodation in the area. Be it a 4-star hotel, holiday apartment, B&B or holiday on the farm - with their cosy atmosphere, outstanding service and authentic hospitality, the accommodations in Partschins lay the foundations for a perfect holiday in South Tyrol right on the outskirts of Merano.
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visitpartschins visitpartschins 8 days ago

Bist du schon mal zu Fuß von Rabland nach Aschbach gelaufen? Entlang vom Weg kommst du an einem unserer Lieblingsplätze vorbei: "Roppnkoufl" 🥰🌿

Sei mai camminato da Rablà a Rio Lagundo? Lungo il percorso passerai da uno dei nostri posti preferiti: 'Roppnkoufl'. 🥰🌿

Have you ever walked from Rabland to Aschbach on foot? Along the way, you'll pass by one of our favorite spots: 'Roppnkoufl'. 🥰🌿

#lieblingsplatz #postopreferito #rabland #rablà #aschbach #riolagundo #vinschgau #valvenosta #südtirol #altoadige #southtyrol #aussichtgenießen #godersilavita #❤️

visitpartschins visitpartschins 23 days ago

Auf ein Date mit dem Partschinser Frühling ☀🥰
Ok, Frühling dauert zwar noch, aber auf dem Saxnerweg von Partschins nach Vellau kommen schon erste #Frühlingsgefühle auf 🕶😍🌱

Un appuntamento con la primavera di Parcines ☀🥰 primavera non è ancora qui, ma lungo il sentiero Saxner da Parcines a Velloi, già si iniziano a sentire i primi #sentimentidiprimavera 🕶😍🌱

A date with Partschins' spring ☀🥰
Okay, spring is not here yet, but along the Saxnerweg trail from Partschins to Vellau, the first #springfeelings are already emerging 🕶😍🌱

#partschins #parcines #saxnerweg #vellau #velloi #fastwiefrühling #comesefosseprimavera #wandernmachtglücklich #südtirol #altoadige #southtyrol #deinplatzisthier #esefossiqui

visitpartschins visitpartschins 26 days ago

Must-see bei einem Urlaub in Partschins: Der Sonnenaufgang und die Zuckerwattewolken😍🌄

Imperdibile durante una vacanza a Parcines: l'alba e le nuvole di zucchero filato😍🌄

Must-see during a vacation in Partschins: The sunrise and the cotton candy clouds😍🌄

#parcines #partschins #meranerland #meran #merano #nuvoledizucchero #cottoncandyclouds #zuckerwattewolken #sonnenaufgang #alba #sunrise #urlaubinpartschins #visitpartschins

visitpartschins visitpartschins 27 days ago

Mit Lichtmess, dem 2. Februar, beginnt das Südtiroler Bauernjahr. Der Name Lichtmess kommt übrigens von der Kerzenweihe. Um die Geburt des Lichts zu feiern werden Kerzen als Symbol für das Feuer und das Licht in die Kirche getragen. Dort werden die Kerzen geweiht, wie hier ein Wachsstöckl, eine dünne lange Kerze, die kunstvoll aufgerollt wird.🔥

𝓕𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓪 𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 𝓒𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓸𝓻𝓪🕯🙏
Il giorno della Candelora, il 2 febbraio, segna l’inizio dell’anno contadino in Alto Adige. Per celebrare la nascita della Luce, i credenti si raccolgono in chiesa per assistere alla benedizione delle candele, simbolo di fuoco e luce. Il giorno della Candelora vengono benedette le candele, come il Wachsstöckl, un bastone di cera lungo e sottile arrotolato a mano. 🔥

𝓒𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓵𝓮𝓶𝓪𝓼 𝓒𝓾𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓶𝓼🕯🙏
At Candlemas, February 2nd, The South Tyrolean farming year begins. To celebrate the birth of the light, candles are carried into the church as a symbol of the fire and the light. The candles are then blessed there, like a wachsstoeckl, a long thin candle that has been artistically rolled.🔥

#partschins #parcines #liachtmess #brauchtum #usanza #kerzenweihe #wachsstöckl #candela #cadelora

visitpartschins visitpartschins 30 days ago

Hast du Partschins schon von oben gesehen?🤩
Der Partschinser Höhenweg eröffnet dir einen einzigartigen Ausblick auf das Meraner Land und die gegenüberliegenden Bergketten.😎

Avete già visto Parcines dall'alto?🤩
L'Alta Via di Parcines vi offre una vista unica sulla valle di Merano e sulle montagne circostanti.😎

Have you already seen Partschins from above?🤩
The Partschins High Path offers you a unique view of the Merano basin and the mountain ranges opposite.😎

#partschins #meranerland #südtirolerleben #altoadigedavivere #fetzblau #meran #merano #partschinserhöhenweg #altaviadiparcines

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