Partschins FAQ
Frequent questions and answers about Partschins, Rabland & Töll
Partschins FAQ
Partschins FAQ
Partschins FAQ
Partschins FAQ
Partschins FAQ

Partschins FAQ

Frequent questions and answers about Partschins, Rabland & Töll

Welcome to Partschins/Parcines, the most beautiful suburb of Merano! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their corresponding answers to ensure that your vacation becomes an unforgettable experience!
Can I take my car to the waterfall?
It is not possible to drive your car as far as the waterfall. The last place to park is the public car park near Gasthaus Birkenwald (only a few spaces). We recommend that you take the public bus, which runs from the centre of the village.
How much is the local tourist tax in Partschins/Parcines?
The local tax rates are categorised as follows:
• €3.10 per person per night for guests aged 14 years and over in 4 and 5-star accommodations.
• €2.60 per person per night for guests aged 14 years and over in 3/3s-star accommodations, in 5-flower agritourism, in 5-star private rentals, and in 5-star campgrounds.
• €2.10 per person per night for guests aged 14 years and over for all other categories.

The history of the local tax goes back a long way. There is mention of a "spa tax" being levied in Baden-Baden as long ago as 1507 and from 1842 in Bad Ischl. Visitor taxes, local taxes, residency fees, overnight taxes, or whatever these tourism taxes are commonly referred to, have now been introduced in most tourist destinations. They are municipal taxes and are payable per person and per night when staying in an accommodation establishment. Visitors pay the tax in addition to their room rate as a surcharge, which is itemised separately on their bill.
Overnight taxes became common in most tourist destinations with the rise of tourism and significantly contributed to the financing and prosperity of tourist resorts. The local tax is an indispensable source of income for domestic tourism regions too. It finances a range of services to enhance the quality of a guest's stay. In addition, these funds can ensure the maintenance and expansion of tourist infrastructure, be it the operation of information offices, landscape maintenance and care of hiking trails, community development, or the creation of cultural offerings and facilities. By paying the local tax, visitors contribute to financing the tourism infrastructure, as a kind of quid pro quo for the use of tourism facilities and services.
Starting in 2024, 70 percent of the local tax collected in South Tyrol will benefit the tourism organisations registered in the regional directory. They are responsible for destination management on-site, which includes promoting collaboration among service providers (accommodation establishments, leisure service providers, etc.), and also among different locations in a region, and through cooperation between the service providers to ensure continuous service chains in the destinations and to market them across locations. Thirty percent of the local tax will go to the development agency, IDM-South Tyrol, which is responsible for tourist marketing and the South Tyrol brand, among other things. By resolution of the municipal council and upon request from the local tourism organisation, the local tax may be increased in general or for specific projects, as well as for tourism-related services and infrastructure, and these amounts remain 100 percent with the tourism organisations (state law 16.05.2012, Implementation Regulation D.LH. 31.08.2023).
Of course, tourism organisations must finance themselves not only through the local tax but also through membership fees. For exclusive services offered only to members, in particular, it is important to ensure that sufficient internal finance is available. However, for the extensive range of tasks that fall to a modern tourism organisation, funding from the local tax is essential. Without these necessary resources for structures and staffing, sustainable and strategic development and management of a destination would not be possible, and the large number of tasks including stakeholder management, product development, information services, landscape maintenance, community development, and communication with tourism stakeholders and guests could not be successfully undertaken.
Does the waterfall flow in winter?
In winter, the waterfall carries very little water or is frozen over at sub-zero temperatures.
Where can I buy bus and train tickets?
Every guest of an accommodation that is a member of the Partschins Tourism Association, automatically receives the "Südtirol Alto Adige Guest Pass" upon arrival.
Those who do not have a South Tyrol Guest Pass can buy tickets online in the "südtirolmobil" app.
Do I need to pay for my dog on the bus or train?
Guide/service dogs and small animals that can be held in the arms are transported free of charge.
The following size is used as a guideline: animals that fit in a transport box with dimensions of no more than 70 x 30 x 50 cm do not require a ticket.
For all others, a ticket must be purchased online: a single ticket or the Mobilcard Junior, which is available for 1, 3, or 7 days.
What will the (mountain) weather be like tomorrow?
You can find out about the weather conditions from the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol weather page on the internet.
When does Toerggelen begin?
The "Törggele" season in South Tyrol begins at the end of September and lasts until the end of November. The opening hours of the Törggele establishments in the holiday region of Partschins can be found here.
Who should I contact if I have lost something?
Lost property is generally handed in to the Partschins local authority lost property office, or the Carabinieri (Police station) in Rabland.
The items that have been found are listed under the following link.
Is there a bus to the Partschins Waalweg irrigation channel path?
The bus line 265 operates from the Partschins bus station to the "Salten" (West) entry point of the irrigation channel path of Partschins/Parcines.
The line 268 operates from the Partschins bus station to "Vertigen (East) entry point of the Partschinser Waalweg. Here you can find the timetable search.
Is there a bus to the Texelbahn cable car?
Yes, there is a bus to the Texelbahn cable car. Search for the timetable.
Where can I purchase tickets for the Texelbahn cable car?
Tickets for the Texelbahn cable car can be bought on site.
Where can I find out about the current traffic situation?
On the traffic pages of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano South Tyrol website or by phone from the traffic information centre: Tel. +39 0471 200198
Do I need to register for the events?
Yes, you do need to register for the events.
Where can I register for the events?
You can register online on the website, in the local tourist information office or in one of the tourist information offices in the surrounding area.
What is there to do for children?
There are suggestions in the Families brochure, which is available from the tourist information office or your accommodation provider. All this information is also available on our website "Family in Partschins".
How much are tickets for the individual cable cars?
Prices can be found online on the websites of the respective cable cars.
Do you know how often we have holidayed in Partschins?
This information is not stored by the tourist information office for data protection reasons. Visitors are only registered with their accommodation providers. Your accommodation provider can give you information about this.
Where can I find vacant accommodation?
You can look for available accommodation on our website. We will also be pleased to advise you in person on tel. +39 0473 967 157.
Where can I go to eat today?
The current opening hours of the restaurants in Partschins and Rabland can be found on our website.
Where can we cycle to?
The best routes by e-bike, mountain bike or racing bike are available here. The folding maps for MTB and hiking trails are available at tourist offices and accommodations.
Can I take my bicycle on the train?
Yes, to do so you need a day ticket for each bike. These are available from the “südtirolmobil” app.

Local trains can transport approx. 16 - 20 bicycles in the special compartments or designated train areas. In principle, transporting bicycles on public transport is only possible if there is enough space available and if security is completely guaranteed. It is not possible to make reservations.

Please note: rental bicycles are not transported by public transport!

Can I take my bicycle on the bus
Bicycles are not transported by bus, except for bus lines 273 (Malles-Martina) and 245 (Merano-Val d'Ultimo), which have special bike rack with space for about 5-6 bicycles (from spring to autumn).
It is necessary to purchase a daily ticket for each bicycle by accessing the 'altoadigemobilità' app.

Please note: E-bikes are not transported on buses.
Which paths can be walked with a pushchair, pram & stroller
All paths that are labelled on the village map with a pushchair symbol. You can find our best pushchair-friendly routes online.
What can I do in bad weather?
You could visit the 3 museums in Partschins.
Which museums are included in the Südtirol Guest Pass?
The Südtirol Guest Pass allows one visit each in the 80-plus participating museums. Details of participating venues can be found in the flyer.
How can I get to Partschins Waterfall?
Many hiking trails lead to Partschins Waterfall. Alternatively, a public bus runs regularly to the waterfall and back. Search for the timetable.
How long does it take to walk to Partschins Waterfall?
The exact time can be found with the relevant route description.
How long is the Partschins Waalweg irrigation channel path?
Partschins Waalweg irrigation channel path is 2 km long.
When does Partschins' outdoor pool open/close?
The outdoor pool opens around the end of may and closes around the end of september (depending on the weather).
When does the apple blossom season begin?
In the Partschins holiday region, the apple trees begin to blossom around mid-April (heavily weather dependent). On our Facebook page, you can follow the progress of the bloom in the Partschins holiday region near Merano in the Vinschgau Valley.
How do I reach Partschins/Töll by public transportation?
From Merano: the bus line 213 departs from the Merano train station or from Rennweg (center) in Merano to Partschins. Here you can search for the timetable.
From Vinschgau (Val Venosta Valley): The Malles-Merano 250 train goes to Rabland, and the 268 line runs from Rabland to Partschins.
How do I get to Rabland by public transport?
Bus route 215 runs to Rabland from Merano railway station or Merano Rennweg. Train no. 250 also runs there from Merano/Mals.
Timetable search.
Is there a pharmacy in Parcines, Rabland, and Tel?
You can find a pharmacy in Rabland (Geroldplatz 1). The opening hours of the Gerold Pharmacy can be found here.
Where do I find an electric vehicle charging station in Partschins, Rabland, and Töll?
In Rabland, there is a charging station with various types of connectors, located right next to the main road on Geroldplatz. Here you will find an interactive map with all publicly accessible charging stations in South Tyrol.
Can I collect mushrooms in Partschins, Rabland, and Töll?

In Partschins, Rabland, and Töll, mushroom picking is allowed under certain conditions. To collect mushrooms in this area, you need a permit. The permit can be obtained from the Partschins municipality and costs €8.00 per person per collection day (for individuals over 14 years old).

  • Some important rules and restrictions for mushroom picking are:
  • Picking is only allowed on even days of the month (e.g., 2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.).
  • The collection time is limited from 07:00 to 19:00.
  • Carry the permit and your ID card with you while collecting.
  • A maximum of 1 kg of mushrooms per day per person is allowed.
    The collected mushrooms must be roughly cleaned at the site and transported in solid, open, and well-ventilated containers.

    For any questions, please contact the Partschins municipality.
Is there a gas station in Partschins, Rabland, and Töll?
You will find a gas station in Töll and Naturns. The nearest station with liquefied gas is located in Naturns.
Where can I find a doctor in Partschins, Rabland, and Töll?
In Partschins, you will find a medical practice at Spaureggstraße 1. You can find the opening hours here.
In Rabland, you will find a medical practice at Geroldstraße 4. You can find the opening hours here.

By appointment only.
Is there a pediatrician in Partschins, Rabland, and Töll?
There is no pediatrician in Partschins, Rabland, and Töll. You can find a pediatrician in Naturns or at the Martinsbrunn ParkClinic in Meran.
How much does a day pass for taking a bicycle on the train cost, and where is this ticket available?
On the Südtirolmobil website, you can find all the information and current prices for the ticket.

Where to buy:

from all südtirolmobil ticket machines and
from all südtirolmobil ticket offices and sales points

Day passes for transporting bikes are also available online on the südtirolmobil app.

Usage areas: applicable on regional trains throughout South Tyrol and up to Trento; on Südtirolmobil cable car services to Renon/Ritten; and on the Mendola/Mendel funicular. Additionally, these day passes can be used on the specialized bicycle shuttle service that runs alongside the trains in the Venosta/Vinschgau valley during the summer months.

For cable car trips to Colle/Kohlern, Meltina/Mölten, Verano/Vöran, and Maranza/Meransen, separate tickets are required for bicycle transport.

The pass is valid on the day it is first activated.
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