Farewell Rablander Weiher!
How an invasive aquatic plant imported from North America has overcome the popular natural idyll near the Etsch cycle path in Rabland.
Farewell Rablander Weiher!
Farewell Rablander Weiher!
Farewell Rablander Weiher!

Farewell Rablander Weiher!

How an invasive aquatic plant imported from North America has overcome the popular natural idyll near the Etsch cycle path in Rabland.

For a few months now, where until only recently recreational visitors, families and cyclists could be found enjoying the peace and nature of the idyllic Rablander Weiher pond, there has been a completely different picture: the once so clean and clear water in the popular fishing pond has turned into a murky, greenish-brown sludge on whose shores heavy equipment is being used to pile up cubic metre after cubic metre of gravel and debris.
To blame for this ghastly picture is a plant. Elodea nuttallii, also known as Nuttall’s waterweed, is a perennial aquatic plant from North America which in only a short amount of time is able to spread like wildfire and which has serious consequences for biological diversity and the native ecosystem.
It cannot be said with any certainty how Elodea nuttallii found its way into the Rablander Weiher. However, it is suspected that it may have been the careless emptying out of an aquarium since this non-native plant is actually only known in Europe as an ornamental plant in aquaria and garden ponds.
To prevent the waterweed from spreading further and possibly also threatening other habitats – after all the Rablander Weiher flows into the river Etsch! – fast action was called for. The provincial authorities, fishing associations and municipalities worked out a plan in which to begin with the water level of the lake was reduced, the mass of plants removed and then the pond filled up with clean bulk material.
A further step will be to restore the Rablander Weiher so that it can again – in a new form – be used by visitors and locals as a recreation area.
Lake Rabland/Rablà

Regenerating in a verdant biodiversity

A natural idyll with mountain views in Partschins/Parcines
In Rabland, not far from the railway station and right by the Etsch cycle path Via Claudia Augusta (Etschradweg), this idyllic lake is a wonderful place for recharging your batteries and enjoying nature. Accompanied by birdsong, the rustling of the leaves in the trees and the sounds of the animals that live around this natural refuge, hikers, cyclists and walkers can relax and unwind in wonderful surroundings. The little fishpond, which is fed by fresh spring water from Partschins’ Zielbach stream, is a refuge and irreplaceable habitat for a wide variety of species of bird, such as mallards, coots, herons, dippers, wagtails and reed warblers, as well as for amphibians, fish and water insects like the emperor and green hawker dragonflies. All of these species are reliant on particularly clean and natural bodies of water.
For this reason, considerate visitors who value the peace and cleanliness of Lake Rabland are welcome guests.
The shady trees and magnificent views of the Partschins mountains make the lake an ideal destination for families and a welcome rest stop for cyclists.
The wonderful natural surroundings of Lake Rabland can be experienced particularly profoundly on a guided Kneipp and Herbal Hike which is organised weekly from spring to autumn by Partschins Tourist Information Office. A real highlight for kids who are hungry for knowledge are the Daksys Action Days, when the nature park rangers invite them to explore the exciting world of water in the Nature Parc Gruppo di Tessa (Naturpark Texelgruppe).
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