Ultental Valley

Vacations in the pristine nature of the Stilfserjoch National Park

The Val d’Ultimo/Ultental Valley is one of South Tyrol’s most unique valleys, stretching from the village of San Pancrazio/St.Pankraz in the east to Santa Valburga/St.Walburg, San Nicolò/St.Nikolaus and Santa Geltrude/St.Gertraud, and leading to the Stilfser Joch National Park. The valley is fascinating for its untouched nature, steep meadows, lush forests and crystal clear mountain lakes. Hand-braided wooden larch fences guide hikers on their way up to the Ortlergruppe mountain peaks.

The lush green valley is home to ancient mountain farms. People here treat nature with great respect. Traditional agriculture is supported by clean energy, produced by modern local heating plants. Traditional mountain huts serve regional meals made from fresh local ingredients.