Parish church S. Valburga

Since the second century, there is a church on the hill in S. Valburga / St. Walburg. It is believed that their location dates back to an even earlier sanctuary. The tower and apse are Romanesque in style and date back to the 12th century. At the end of the 15th century, the windows were raised and equipped with pointed arches, which enlarged the formerly round apse and transformed it into a Gothic presbytery. In 1840 the nave was extended, in 1867 the bells were renewed. The high altarpiece represents Saint Walburg, the two side altars are dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. Above the bow you can see a painting by Peter Fellin from Meran. From the same painter are also the murals of the patron saint of St. Walburg and those of her uncle, St. Boniface. Legend has it that the church has been relocated to the center of the village time and time again, but Saint Walburg has always returned to its hilltop location.

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