Winter Hikes in Tirolo
Winter hiking above Merano – a relaxing excursion in the sun read more ...
Winter Hikes in Tirolo
Marvel your breath in the air, sparkling, iridescence, vibrations. Read more here… read more ...
Ice skating in Tirolo
Indoor and natural outdoor skating rinks in Merano and Environs read more ...
Ice skating in Tirolo
Tyrolean Advent in the Castle
The Tyrolean Advent in the Castle will be taking place in the historic ambience of Tyrol Castle. read more ...
Tyrolean Advent in the Castle

Dorf Tirol

Nature, culture and delicacies on the mountains above the spa town of Meran

Situated above the spa town of Meran/Merano, Dorf Tirol/Tirolo is an ideal walking and hiking holiday destination in South Tyrol. Well-marked paths along a 70-km trail network lead across various altitudes, ranging from leisurely walks through botanical gardens to hikes along the Waalwege trails on the hillside. Mountain bike trails in diverse mountain terrain alternate with high-altitude hiking across the Spronser Seen lake plateau in the Texelgruppe Nature Park.

Dorf Tirol is also steeped in culture and history. There are several notable castles, fortresses, and churches in and around Dorf Tirol. Tyrol Castle, the most prominent of these, houses the South Tyrolean Museum of Culture and Provincial History. Deeply rooted in the area, culture and local traditions continue to play an integral role in the lives of inhabitants.

Things to do in and around the village include shopping, sporting and cultural activities. There are upscale shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants as well as swimming pools and hiking trails. For a sporting or leisure holiday, making use of the well-equipped spas or indulging in the pleasures of the palate, there is a wide range of options for visitors in Dorf Tirol.

The most beautiful holiday

There are several reasons to choose a holiday in Dorf Tirol. For example, countless hiking paths in the heart of the marvellous Alpine scenery. Or amazing mountain lakes with their crystal clear water sparkling in the sun. And delicious culinary delights served in rustic Alpine huts. But see for yourself!
Winter in Dorf Tirol
Nature, culture and delicacies on the mountains above the spa town of Meran
Winter in Dorf Tirol

A holiday full of precious bliss waits for you

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Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 3 days ago Dorf Tirol - Tirolo

Welches sind die besten Gründe für einen Winterurlaub in Meran & Umgebung?
⛷️5 Skigebiete für jedes Alter
🌴Schnee & Palmen auf einem Streich
🎫Ein vielseitiges Freizeitangebot für Jung & Alt
🎄Traditionelle Christkindlmärkte
☀️Schönstes Winterwetter & spektakuläre Landschaften

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Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 7 days ago Dorf Tirol - Tirolo

Eislaufen hat etwas ganz besonderes: kleine Kinder, Erwachsene und Jugendliche wagen sich alle mit gleicher Begeisterung, auf die glatte Fläche⛸️✨.
➡️ Wo? Bei den Eislaufplätzen bei der Tennis-Bar an der Ecke Ruprechtsweg-Hauptstraße

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Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 10 days ago Dorf Tirol - Tirolo

Anche quest'anno le mura storiche di Castel Tirolo ospiteranno l'evento Avvento a Castel Tirolo🎄✨!

Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 10 days ago Dorf Tirol - Tirolo

Ciao Herbst☀️🍂🎉🎶🍷🌰🥾!

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Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 2 months ago Dorf Tirol - Tirolo

Hi Entdeckerfreund! In Dorf Tirol ist so einiges los, was Zwerglein, Kids & Youngsters gefällt! Gerne verraten wir dir 5 Highlights:
🤸Verweilen, Entspannen und Spielen im Burglehenpark
🚠Mit der Bergbahn rauf zum Aussichtskorb Hochmuth
🏰Ritter- & Prinzessinnen-Spielen im Schloss Tirol
🦅 Greifvögel hautnah erleben im Pflegezentrum für Vogelfauna
🍽️Einfach genießen: das leckere Essen in den Almhütten

Dorf Tirol - Tirolo 3 months ago Dorf Tirol - Tirolo

Reisen ist wie Träumen: Der Unterschied besteht darin, dass sich nicht jeder beim Aufwachen an etwas erinnert, während jeder die Erinnerung an das Ziel, von dem er zurückgekehrt ist, warm hält. (Edgar Allan Poe)

🎉Welttourismustag 2022 🎉

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A box seat at the heart of the Texelgruppe Nature Reserve: Tirolo