Oberbrunnhof Farm

At the Oberbrunnhof in Quadrat, Caroline Abler and Manuel Laimer sell home-made products and substantial delicacies. Both attach great importance to quality and rarity and have dared to take the step towards self-sufficiency for the sake of agriculture. The farm is home to cows (Tyrolean grey cattle), pigs and chickens. The animals are processed and refined by Manuel himself: in addition to fresh meat there are also home-made sausages and Speck. The milk is delivered to the "Sennerei Algund" dairy. The Oberbrunnhof's range of products is expanded with Caroline farmer's donuts and the traditional Paarlbrot from the wood-fired oven (every Saturday). Delicious jams and homemade cheese complete the range. Caroline and Manuel provide their guests with healthy, home-made products directly from the farm.

"Griasst enk, we are Caroline & Manuel!"

Caroline Abler grew up on the Niederhof farm and has worked on her parents' farm since she was a child. Her father taught her traditional Tyrolean cuisine and her mother taught her "Kropfn mochen" (making Krapfen - jam doughnuts) according to her grandmother's secret recipe. 
Her path then led her to enter the hotel and restaurant industry for the first time, until she met her future husband Manuel Laimer and moved in with him to Oberbrunnhof. 
Manuel took over his grandmother's farm at the age of 18 and has been cultivating it with great diligence ever since. Gradually, he worked hard to adapt and renovate the farm to the current conditions. For example, the "old" holiday home, which once belonged to the Oberbrunnhof farm, was rebuilt in 2017. Caroline and Manuel have been offering farm holidays since 2018, because they consider it important for them to combine agriculture and tourism.
Together with their three children Leo, Leni and Michl there is always something to do at the Oberbrunnhof. Once a week the tasks are clearly divided: Manuel bakes bread with the help of a family member and Caroline makes and bakes the farmers' doughnuts that are sold. In winter Manuel uses the time to make sausages and in summer Caroline transforms the fruit into delicious spreads and syrups. The products of Oberbrunnhof are produced with great care and love and guarantee freshness, regionality and quality. 

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Opening hours: April 1 - October 31
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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