Nusseler (nut liqueur) Nusseler (nut liqueur) Nusseler (nut liqueur) Nusseler (nut liqueur)

Nusseler (nut liqueur)

The famous "Nusseler" should not be missing in any medicine chest!

40 Min
For about 1 Liter

700 ml grappa
300 g green walnuts, unpeeled
100 g "Magenzucker" (original South Tyrolean sweets)
100 g sugar
½ Vanilla bean
4 cloves
Organic lemon peel
Wash the unpeeled walnuts, if possible fresh from the tree, cut them into quarters and place them in a suitable container.
Add the vanilla pod, cloves, 2 - 3 strips of lemon peel, sugar and the "Magenzucker", mix slightly and top up with Grappa.
Leave the walnut covered or corked in a warm, sunny place for about 4 weeks (1 moon long). Stir from time to time.
The nuts give off a nice dark brown colour to the liquid. Strain and bottle.
Do not taste the nut for the first time before Christmas!

Our tip
The green nuts are best handled with gloves so that the nuts do not stain.
Enjoy at room temperature.
Recipe by: Christine Schönweger, Distillery Gaudenz
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