Lake Rabland/Rablà

Nestled in the Partschins/Parcines mountains, the small village of Rabland/Rablà represents a small and tranquil oasis: a perfect environment for relaxation and the appreciation of nature near the water. The ecological park and relaxation center lying adjacent to the Via Claudia Augusta cycle route, is truly remarkable thanks to the unspoilt nature! The Zielbach River flows into the small lake, overlooked by inviting park benches tempting visitors to rest a little and perhaps to enjoy a little picnic. The birdsong, rustling leaves and the sounds of the animals that live in this biotope, make this a very special place, just a short distance from the cycling route. This green oasis is a haven for numerous animal species. It is an inviting habitat for many birds such as the mallard, coot, grey heron, dipper, the white wagtail, warbler and several amphibians, fish and water-insects such as the Anax imperator or the Green Hawker.

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From parking place next to the cablecar base Station of Aschbach, by foot for 250 m on left of river Etsch.

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Lake Rabland
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