Dog ice cream Dog ice cream Dog ice cream Dog ice cream Dog ice cream

Dog ice cream

The tasty summer refreshment for your four-legged friend

5 Min
5 Min
Everything your friend on four paws likes, such as


Wet food



Homemade dog ice cream is healthy, fresh and can be individually made to suit all dogs. Whether young, old, overweight, sick or allergic.
You just have to be a little creative and know what your dog likes and what he is allowed to eat.
Finely puree the selected ingredient (meat, fruit, vegetables or fruit). Vegetables can also be steamed briefly.
Add water or vegetable stock to the pureed ingredient. You can also use a dairy product such as buttermilk, low-fat curd or yoghurt.
But not every dog likes this and not every dog can tolerate it. If you are unsure, use water instead.

Now you can add wet food, treats, oatmeal or cooked rice.
The mixture can now be filled into moulds and placed in the freezer for at least 3 hours.
Then simply take it out and allow your faithful friend to cool down.

Do not put any sugar in the dog ice cream! Sugar is harmful to the dog's teeth and can cause diabetes.
Sugar can also cause severe kidney disease, joint and bone problems.

The ice cream is great for freezing in small Tupperware tins, muffin tins or empty yoghurt cups. These can be licked out by the dog with pleasure. Or you can put a chewing bone in the middle when you fill the cups, so that you can hold the ice cream on your dog's "stick".
Recipe by: Manuela Aichner
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