Biker-Codex in Parcines
Just a reminder for Mountain Bike fans - please cycle with care at all times!
Biker-Codex in Parcines

Biker-Codex in Parcines

Just a reminder for Mountain Bike fans - please cycle with care at all times!

Rather than ruining the beauties of nature with warning signs and posters, we hope that you will cycle with care and respect others who are using the same paths:
The chance to cycle along special clearly-signposted, well-maintained tracks intended for cyclists only. Bikes are usually not allowed to use the more narrow walking, hiking and trekking paths.

1. Know your own limits!
Don’t over-estimate what you are capable of! Don’t ride across farmers’ lands or along paths which are closed. Look out for people when you get near farmhouses and little hamlets and don’t ride too fast! Give yourselves ample time to brake if necessary.

2. Remember that no-one has eyes in the back of their head, give right of way to walkers and be polite.
Ride with care and always give fair warning to people in front of you that you are about to pass or over-take them. Always slow down before you reach a blind corner and at cross-roads and wait if necessary until the path ahead is clear. Slow down when you meet walkers, too and always greet them in a polite, friendly way!

3. Animals
Please be especially careful when you see wild animals or farm stock. Try not to frighten them! Simply stop and wait until they are out of the way and remember to close fences and gates behind you.

4. Take your rubbish home with you
Take care not to damage the paths, tracks and meadows you cycle through. Be careful how you use your brakes and take extra care after heavy rainfall. Don’t leave anything behind you – protect nature and take all your rubbish, litter etc. home with you.

5. Keep your eyes well open
It’s difficult to be aware of everything around you but be careful and keep your speed under control according to the prevailing conditions! Look around and check for obstacles along the path. Be careful of other traffic, cyclists or walkers coming from either direction.

6. Your life might depend on it!
Check that your equipment is in good working-order, don’t over-estimate yourself and your capabilities, get information about the various paths and plan your tour well before you start. Don’t cycle alone, especially in more remote areas. Be prepared for unexpected situations. Always have a repair kit, First Aid essentials and your cell phone with you. Note the tel. no. of where you are staying and the emergency rescue service number. Wear a helmet and gloves at all times.

Local Emergency Telephone Number – Alto Adige/South Tyrol: 112