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Mühlwaal Hiking Circuit along an Age-old Waterway

The Mühlwaal canal trail along the the waterfall trail and the Pröfing trail were cleared by canal guards in 2011. To the southeast, the Zielbach River feeds into the irrigation systems of the Rablà orchards. Ideal for hiking in the summer months, the Mühlwaal trail mostly crosses through shady woods while the canal water provides some respite from the heat.

Difficulty level: easy
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Length: 5 Km
Uphill height variation: 123 m
Downhill height variation: 427 m

Starting point: Birkenwald bus stop
Destination: Parcines

Take Bus no. 266 on the Parcines-Cascata (Parcines-waterfall) leg as far as the Birkenwald stop. From here descend on foot towards canal trail (Partschinser Waalweg in German) veers eastwards, one is confronted this imposing piece of rock, which is subject of numerous legends. From here proceed about 100 m downwards to the waterfall, then turn left following the Parcines canal trail. After some 50 m continue down Trail no. 1 before finding oneself, once again, on the road to the waterfall. Continue for about 10 mins following the same road towards the village of Parcines before reaching the newly renovated "Farmermühle" Mill. Pass the old age home, turn right into Via Montesole street and then left past an old fountain into the Vicolo del Fabbro (blacksmith’s alley). At the end of the road, turn right into Peter Mitterhofer street and then after about 30 m take a left turn into Via Mair am Ort street. Here you’ll come across an old fountain called "Stocker Brunnen". Continue down Via Mair am Ort street before reaching Via Pröfing street. Pass the old crucifixes and continue to the recently renovated Mühlwaal trail about 400 m further down. Follow the Mühlwaal canal trail along the Zielbach River before arriving at the Texel Cableway valley station (about 15 min). From there, take Trail no. 1 to the Winklerhof farmstead before reaching the suspension bridge. Cross the bridge and continue on to Via Montesole street before returning to the Parcines village center.

Trip Highlights:
• Saltenstein boulder
• "Farmermühle" mill
• "Stocker Brunnen" fountain
•  Old crucifixes along the trail

Maneuvering area for the Mairhof-Parcines bus (Bus line no. 265: get off at the Parcines-Cascata [Parcines-Waterfall] stop)
In the above-ground parking area, the maximum parking time is 1 hour, and only if displaying the parking disc!
In the underground parking the maximum time is 8 hours

Public transport
Bus line no. 213: Merano-Parcines

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