Round trip Rabland/Rablà - farms of Quadrat/Quadrato - Töll/Tel

General description

Discover the Nörderberg Mountain at Parcines!
Discover the historic Nörderberg and its magnificent views! Hiking fun for the entire family and leisure hikers!


Route description

Tour Starting Point
Rabland/Rablà Saring bridge
Tour End
Rabland/Rablà Saring bridge

From the Saring bridge parking lot in Rabland/Rablà the trail begins along the trail n° 28, passing the biological Niedereben farm (products direct sales from the farm) and the restaurant Unterobereben (882 m). After 500 mt. of path you follow a road towards the first diversion right. Then you follow the trail N° 29B, passing the historical farms of Quadrat (Oberbrunn, Niederweg, Mitterhof). From there you arrive to the restaurant Gramegg (821 m) and following the trail n° 29 to the restaurant Niederhof (811 m). To return to the car park at the starting point, follow the trail n° 29 to the trail n° 25, passing the K.U.K. Museum Bad Egart. From there you take the "Badlweg" (forest trail to Rabland/Rablà) which leads back to the Rabland7Rablà Saring bridge parking lot.



Via Saring, Rabland/Rablà (parking lot No. 1 at the cycling track, close to the railway station) All-day parking, in the designated parking lot
Via Cutraun, Rabland/Rablà (parking lot No. 2 on the cycling track, close to the railway station ) All-day parking, in the designated parking lot

Public transport

From Meran/o: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà
From Vinschgau valley/Val Venosta: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà, or bus n° 251 Staben/Stava-Rabland/Rablà

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