South Tyrol’s Jakobsweg - Route of St. James in South Tyrol (12th Stage: Lagundo/ Algund to Castelbello/ Kastelbell)

South Tyrol’s Jakobsweg is a peaceful alternative away from the well-trodden paths of pilgrimage. Along the way from Val Pusteria/Pustertal in the Val d’Isarco/Eisacktal to Passo del Brennaro/Brenner Pass, the hiker discovers many cultural and historical sites and pristine nature.

Tour Start
Lagundo/ Algund
Tour End
Castelbello/ Kastelbell

This classic Pilgrims Trail starts at the No. 213 bus stop in the Lagundo town centre. From here, turn left into Route No 25 then along the hiking path adjacent to the old irrigation channels above the settlement of Algunder Waalweg. Once you’ve reached the dam and floodgate in Tel, follow the path along the Venosta Valley cycle track until you get to the Tel Railway Station, past the K.u.K. [Imperial and Royal] Museum and Bad Egart Restaurant. Follow the forest trail up to Rablà/ Rabland to the Saringer Bridge and then on the Cutraunstraße road up to the main Venosta Valley road at the top of Rablà. Cross at the intersection, where the route turns left towards the Venosta Valley. Approx. 200 m further, you will have reached the little old Church of St. Jacob. After stopping for a visit and taking a break, continue along Geroldstraße road towards the Happichl Inn. Follow the signposts to Route No. 26 and scenic Route No. 91 and after approx 30 mins along Route No. 39 you’ll come to Naturns/Naturno with the famous Romanesque Proculus Church. Continue along the road past the public swimming pool and the Naturno War Memorial up to the bridge in front of the parish church then follow the trail as it bends to the left and slightly downhill towards the Unterstell Cableway. Follow the signs to Staben/Stava and continue on Route No. 1 up to the old irrigation channel, known as the Stabener Waal, above Stava. Take Route No. 3 until the intersection Route No. 4 then to the village of Castelbello, along the final stretch of the 12th Stage of the traditional Route of St. James in South Tyrol.

-Jakobuskirchlein Church in Rablà, consecrated in 1521.
-The church houses a statue of Saint Margareta and an image of Saint Jacobus, patron saint of pilgrims, pharmacists and druggists and patron of Spain, pictured with a shell on his hat and pilgrim's staff in his hand.
-Romanesque Prokulus church, in Naturno

Public Transport
From Merano: Bus 213 to Lagundo (bus stop in the Lagundo town center)
From Venosta Valley: the Venosta Valley Train to Tel then Bus 213 from Parcines to Lagundo (Lagundo (bus stop in the Lagundo town center)