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Quadrathof Round Trip (easy alternative)

An amazing hiking tour to the traditional farms on the Nörderberg/Monta Tramontana suitable for children and buggies!

Tour Start

Intersection between Quadrat Straße road & Aschbach road
Tour End
Intersection between Quadrat Straße road & Aschbach road

Heading towards Riolagundo/Aschbach, turn left at the Unterbrunn Farm towards the Oberbrunnhof Farm. Continue on Route No. 29B past the historic Quadrathof farms of Oberbrunnhof, Niederweghof and Mitterhof up to the Gramegg Inn. Turn left until you reach the Niederhof Inn, with its scenic view of the Lower Venosta Valley. Return to the parking lot following the tar road.

Four old Quadrathof farms: Unterbrunn-Hof, Oberbrunn-Hof, Niederweg-Hof and Mitterhof-Hof

At the intersection

Please note:
There is no public transport up to Riolagundo!
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