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7/2 - 10/1/2020 06:00

In the Texel Group nature reserve and along the main ridge of the Ötztal Alps there are very rewarding three thousand metre-plus summits, with ascents through rock and ice of varying degrees of difficulty. There are summits par excellence here offering breathtaking panoramic views.
Equipment: climbing harness, crampons + telescopic poles if needed may be hired. Protection from the sun and cold, provisions and poss. change of clothing.

Comments: the climbs up to these high summits are consistently long and thus require a very good level of fitness. Individual climbs can be made significantly easier by staying overnight in a mountain refuge.

04.07. Tschigot 3000m
11.07. Similaun 3607m
18.07. Hochwilde 3480m
25.07. Lodner 3228m
01.08. Similaun 3607m
08.08. Roteck 3333m
15.08. Tschigot 3000m
22.08. Hochwilde 3480m
29.08. Similaun 3607m

Price: group rate for 3 participants depending on the route, from €110.00 per person. Private guided tours on request.

Requirements: very good level of fitness, a head for heights, sure-footedness.

Bring with you: sturdy mountain boots, rain and sun protection, food and drink.

Technical equipment (climbing harness etc.) will be provided.
7/2 - 10/1/2020 06:00
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