Peak Roteck / Monte Rosso (3.337 m)

General description

The Roteck/Monte Rosso peak is the highest three-thousand-meter peak in the Texelgruppe Nature Park. Due to the long and partly steep ascent through the Zieltal, this tour is best divided into two days. The Lodnerhütte can be used as an overnight accommodation.

Route description

Tour Start
Texelbahn cableway mountain station
Tour End
Texelbahn cableway mountain station

From the mountain station of the Texelbahn cableway in 5 minutes to Gasthof Giggelberg farm/inn. From there we hike along the Merano High Mountain Trail n° 24 to Nasereit hut (1,523 m - approx. 1 h).
Here, trail n° 8 branches off and leads us through the wild and romantic Zieltal valley, past the “Kaserstein” and “Gingglalm” (2,198 m) to the Lodnerhütte hut.
From the Lodnerhütte hut, continue in a westerly direction on trail n° 9 towards Roteck/Monte Rosso (3,337 m) until you reach a fork in the trail. From there, continue to the right on trail n° 9A through grassy slopes up to a grassy hollow called "Schafbank". Continue along the Roteck/Monte Rosso eastern ridge over rock (always relatively easy and marked - stone markers also point the way), sometimes climbing gently, sometimes sharply, to the rocky ridge.
ATTENTION: as a result of several rock falls that have occurred during the last few years on the summit ridge at an altitude of approx. 3,200 m, the ascent of the summit has been made considerably more difficult. Although chains and some clamps have been attached to the break-off point, practiced and experienced mountaineers can only master this passage without problems, (absolute surefootedness and freedom from vertigo are necessary). It is therefore absolutely recommended to take climbing equipment with you.
After this key passage, the route leads to another ridge shoulder and then, on the short final grade, easily to the Roteck/Monte Rosso summit cross (3,337 m). The descent is via the same route.


Texelbahn cableway valley station, Via Ziel, Rabland/Rablà
All-day, in the designated parking area. Campers only between 7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
The car park at the Partschins cemetery is reserved for cemetery visitors and funerals. We ask you to respect this!

Public transport

From Meran/o: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà – and from there bus n° 266 to the Texelbahn cableway valley station.
From Vinschgau valley/Val Venosta: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà, and from there bus n° 266 to the Texelbahn cableway valley station.
From Naturns/Naturno direct bus line n° 266

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