Peak Tschigat (3.000 m)

General description

The popular Tschigat summit (Tschigot) is one of the 13 peaks in Partschins/Parcines rising above 3,000 meters.

Route description

Tour Start
Texelbahn cableway mountain station
Tour End
Texelbahn cableway mountain station

From the mountain station of the Texelbahn cableway in 5 minutes to Gasthof Giggelberg farm/inn. From there we hike along the Merano High Mountain Trail n° 24 to Nasereit hut (1,523 m - approx. 1 h). Here, trail n° 8 branches off and leads us through the wild and romantic Zieltal valley, past the “Kaserstein” and “Gingglalm” (2,198 m) to the Lodnerhütte hut. From the Lodnerhütte hut, follow mark. n° 7 to the “Tablander Lacken” lake (2,649 m) and on to the “Halsljoch” crossing (2,808 m), followed by route n° 7A on the mostly rugged and exposed western ridge leading right up to the summit. The descent is via the same route.


Texelbahn cableway valley station, Via Ziel, Rabland/Rablà
All-day, in the designated parking area. Campers only between 7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
The car park at the Partschins cemetery is reserved for cemetery visitors and funerals. We ask you to respect this!

Public transport

From Meran/o: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà – and from there bus n° 266 to the Texelbahn cableway valley station.
From Vinschgau valley/Val Venosta: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà, and from there bus n° 266 to the Texelbahn cableway valley station.
From Naturns/Naturno direct bus line n° 266

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