Trail of legends of Partschins/Parcines

General description

Family hike to pre-Christian settlement and cult sites in Partschins/Parcines. Scarf stones, witches' cave, devil's plate - on the way on the Partschins/Parcines Legend Trail.

Route description

Tour Start
Village centre of Partschins/Parcines
Tour End
Village centre of Partschins/Parcines

From the center of Partschins, head towards the district Vertigen and from there onto the Partschinser Waalweg – irrigation channel path. From the Waalweg, a path branches off to the right with the signposting for the “Sagenweg” (legend path, symbol: prehistoric hunters) and continues along the “Geadaweg” to the “Golderskofel” (viewpoint) and on to the famous “Saltenstein” rock on the district Salten. From there, follow the road in the direction of Partschins to the entrance to trail n° 1 along the Zielbach river in the direction of the Winklerhof farm/inn. From there, walk over the suspension bridge and through apple meadows to the center of Partschins.

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Due to the limited parking facilities in the municipality of Parcines and in the spirit of sustainability, as well as the protection of the Parcines recreational area, we ask you to use public transport. Thank you very much!

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