Round trip along the ancient "Waalweg" (irrigation channel) of Rabland

General description

In Merano and surroundings you can promenade along the ancient water canals, the so-called "Waalwege". The Waalweg in Rabland/Rablà is a tranquil circular hiking trail, perfect for a pleasant walk the whole year round for the whole family!

Route description

Tour Start
Tour End

Start out at the west side of Rabland (525 m) on a narrow street between the houses and orchards, the route leads to the western end of the old irrigation canal close to the Happichl inn. From there, walk along a flat stretch along the irrigation canal for about 30 mins until the path ends. The trail turns sharp right and a narrow track leads back to Rabland/Rablà in just 20 mins.



Due to the limited parking facilities in the municipality of Parcines and in the spirit of sustainability, as well as the protection of the Parcines recreational area, we ask you to use public transport. Thank you very much!

Public transport

From Meran/o: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà
From Vinschgau valley/Val Venosta: train n° 250 to Rabland/Rablà, or bus n° 251 Staben/Stava-Rabland/Rablà

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