Round trip through the apple orchards

General description

Round trip through the apple orchards of Partschins/Parcines with the whole family suitable for children and buggies!

Route description

Tour Start
Village centre of Partschins/Parcines
Tour End
Village centre of Partschins/Parcines

From Kirchplatz Square in Partschins, take a left turn on the Sonnenberg/Monte Sole through the magnificent apple orchards up to the suspension bridge and to the Winkler mountain Inn. Take Route No. 91A towards the sports center and then along the sidewalk in the direction of Rabland/Rablà into a small field path to the left and to Hans Guet Road. Turn left again and return back to Partschins on Route No. 1 (changes to 7A).

Description to arrive at destination


Due to the limited parking facilities in the municipality of Parcines and in the spirit of sustainability, as well as the protection of the Parcines recreational area, we ask you to use public transport. Thank you very much!

Public transport

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