Easter custom "Eierpecken"
Easter fun for the whole family
Easter custom Eierpecken
Easter custom Eierpecken
Easter custom Eierpecken
Armed with a hard-boiled, colourfully painted egg in their hands, the opponents face each other.
Who do you think will win the duel and become the "Eierpecken" champion?
The easter custom "Eierpecken" is a funny Easter custom in South Tyrol for the whole family.
You don't need much for this funny play: just a hard-boiled egg and a little luck. Everyone can choose an Easter egg in their favourite colour and off they go!
With the egg in your hand you alternately hit the opponent's egg with the pointed side. Whose egg remains intact is the winner of the traditional "Eierpecken".
Despite all tips: it's more likely that luck will decide who wins. And fun does not come too short anyway!
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