Saint Sebastian Day
St. Sebastian's Day on 20 January
Saint Sebastian Day
Saint Sebastian Day
Saint Sebastian Day
Saint Sebastian Day
On 20 January on "Sebastiani", St. Sebastian is commemorated in Partschins/Parcines.
Sebastian was once a Roman officer of the imperial bodyguard who suffered martyrdom. According to the legend, he was sentenced to death by the emperor because of his Christian faith. Sebastian escaped death by being shot with arrows, but was subsequently beaten to death. The Christians buried him on the Via Appia in Rome in the catacombs named after him.

The veneration of Saint Sebastian increased after 680, the end of a plague epidemic in Rome and Pavia. The reason for the end of the plague is said to have been his relics, which were carried through the streets of the cities.

In popular belief, arrows were regarded as deadly plagues, and so Saint Sebastian became the patron saint against diseases and especially the plague.
Traditionally, he is also the patron saint of the "Schützen" in South Tyrol.

In the parish church of St. Peter and Paul in Parcines, there is an altarpiece in the Lady Chapel on which, among other things, St. Sebastian is depicted. He carries arrows in his hand, the symbols of his martyrdom and the plague.

On the occasion of "Sebastiani", "Sebastiani wine" is traditionally consecrated in Austria, which is supposed to protect against diseases. In some places in South Tyrol, processions are held to commemorate Sebastiani. The marksmen hold the traditional "Sebastian shooting".
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