Lime kilns at Quadrat

Most of the small and relatively larger lime kilns which were found in many places centuries ago have now fallen into disrepair and are difficult to see but remains of some of these ovens are still visible at Quadrat along the Mahlbachweg, just under the "Weißwand". The site is not far from the Quadrat marble quarry and is easy to get to.
Most of these kilns were cut into safe, sheltered places in the rock face to ensure a minimum loss of heat. The inner walls of the ovens were shaped like a barrel. This particular lime kiln is believed to date back to about 1700 and may have gone on working until 1880.
It is thought to have been one of the largest and most interesting kilns in the whole area. The kiln is still in a very good condition and was declared a Place of Historic Interest in 2006. The site has been cleared of trees, bushes and other vegetation so that passers-by can get a better look at it.

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