Natural Heritage Glacier Roteck Ferner / Großer Trüb Ferner

Between the 3,337 m high Roteckspitze and the 3,254 m high Rotwand, the glacier "Roteck Ferner" extends in an easterly direction.
The former direction of flow of the glacier can be seen very clearly in the lateral moraines, which point in the direction of the Zieltal valley and are partly already overgrown with cushion vegetation and grasses. In the upper part of the cirque, the glacier is partly covered with metres of very large boulders. The rock that falls and is carried down the valley by the ice consists mainly of muscovite schist and paragneiss in this area. The Ferner used to have an ice surface of 50 ha, of which about 30 ha are left today.

Source: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano ripartizione Natura, Paesaggio e Sviluppo del Territorio
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From Lodnerhütte mountain hut up to the Franz Huber trail


Texelbahn valley station, Via Ziel, Rabland/Rablà
All-day, in the designated parking area. Campers only between 7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
The car park at the Partschins cemetery is reserved for cemetery visitors and funerals.
We ask you to respect this!

The western Lodner glacier is located between the Lodnerspitze (3,228) in the south and the Hohe Weiße (3,278) in the north. 
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