Portici Laubengasse

The historic archades are the heart of the medieval Commercial centre, a title that it has conserved up to the present day, thanks to the unbroken chain of Shops which Stretch out before you, some traditional and typical and others more modern and elegant. The facades are a bright presentation of different architectural styles: the bay windows, the stucco decorations. The old Town Hall has some beautiful archways, which are expecially nice, which now houses the Headquarters of the Local History Archive, built with a ponted arch with some nice fresco decorations. The alleys which connect to the parallel streets are also interesting. Of special mention are those of the old Town Hall, now home to the Town Records Office, with pointed arches and pleasant decorative fresco effect. also of note are the alley which connect to the parallel streets that maintain the architectural style of the buildings around and abound in various activities (shops, warehouses, cellars, courtyards, workshops).

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