Cycling tour- stage Rabland/Rablà - Meran/Merano - San Leonardo Val Passiria

General description

Leisurely bike trip for the whole family into the Val Passiria

Route description

The family tour into the original Val Passiria begins in Rablà on the famous cycling route Via Claudia Augusta. It continues along the Val d’Adige Cycle Trail to Tel, where we follow the cycle track to Merano. The cycling route to Val Passiria begins in the Sissi Park in the centre of Merano. We follow it though many picturesque villages to San Leonardo in Passiria. The return journey follows the same route to the train and bus station of Merano.

The river Passirio accompanies cyclists along the 20 km cycle lane that runs through all of Val Passiria from Merano (525 m above sea level), passing through Saltusio (490 m above sea level) up to San Leonardo in Passiria (689 m above sea level).


-Saringstraße, Rabland/Rablà (parking lot No. 1 at the cycling track, close to the railway station)
all-day parking, in the designated parking lot
-Cutraunstraße, Rabland (parking lot No. 2 on the cycling track, close to the railway station )
All-day parking, in the designated parking lot

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