The historic mountain farms of Partschins/Parcines

General description

Wonderful four-hour difficult mountain hike to the lonely mountain farms of the Vertigner and Tablander hamlets.

Tabland and Vertigen are two small hamlets on the steep slopes of the Partschinser Sonnenberg. 
Here you can find the oldest and partly historical mountain farms (reclamation in the High Middle Ages) of the Partschins municipality. Approximately one thousand metres in altitude separate the farms from the village. 

The mountain hamlet Tabland (1,243 m) consists of the oldest Partschins mountain farms: Egger, Brunner, Oberlechen (1,350 m), Raweiner, Prünster (1,196 m). From the Prünster, which runs a restaurant in addition to the farmhouse, you have a wonderful view of the remaining farms Steiner (1,442 m), Fletscher (1,290 m), Rammwald and Dursterhof (1,057 m).

Route description

From the parking bus stop Partschins/Parcines follow the signs n° 7A and n° 7 to the Niederhaus farm (932 m). Continue steeply through woods and meadows to the Oberhaus farm (1,163 m) (historical spa). Here leave trail n° 7 to the left on the forest trail n° 26A steeply uphill to the abandoned Ganderhof farm (1,198 m) and further to the Greiterhof farm (1,357 m). 
Continue on the access road (marker n° 26) westwards to the Eggerhof farm, the easternmost farm in Tabland/Tablà, from where the path continues slightly downhill to the Prünsterhof farm (inn). From the Prünster trail n° 26 downhill in the direction of Partschins/Parcines waterfall/Gasthaus Wasserfall inn (bus stop 265).
Option 1: Return to Partschins/Parcines with bus line 265 (saving approx. 40 minutes)
Option 2: Return to Partschins/Parcines from the Partschins Waterfall Path n° 23 and path n° 1 direction Winklerhof farm/inn. From there over the suspension bridge path n ° 39 and then via Sonnenbergweg to Partschins/Parcines to the starting point parking bus stop Partschins/Parcines.


Due to the limited parking facilities in the municipality of Parcines and in the spirit of sustainability, as well as the protection of the Parcines recreational area, we ask you to use public transport. Thank you very much!

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