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Terrain Cure Trail 3 - Aschbach mountain station – Eggersteig - Töll

The Climatic Terrain Cure - Health and Fitness for the Heart and Circulation

General description

The climatic terrain cure is a special form of exercise therapy characterised by activity adapted to one’s fitness level, endurance training, and time spent in the outdoors experiencing the landscape, which is carried out through a personalised walking programme.

So-called terrain hiking improves endurance and agility, increases speed and flexibility, reinforces the cardiovascular system, stimulates breathing activity and strengthens muscles, ligaments and joints. It has a positive impact on the metabolism, activates the digestive system and noticeably increases the expenditure of calories.
The climatic terrain cure is recommended for functional cardiovascular disorders, respiratory and metabolic disorders, and above all is a tried and tested method of primary prevention and general health promotion.
The "Terrainkur" trails in Partschins/Parcines have been certified  by the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich.

Route description
  • Total length: 10 km
  • Length of ascending sections: 1.6 km
  • Ø walking time: 3 h 20 min at 3 km/h
  • Altitude: approx. 460 - 1420 m
  • Degree of difficulty in terms of performance physiology: low (2 out of 7)
  • Thermal stress level: easy
  • Energy expenditure during ascents: 4.5 kcal/min at 3 km/h
  • Power output during ascents: 50 Watts at 3 km/h

Route: Take the cable car from Rabland to Aschbach. Follow forest trail no. 27 A (Eggersteig) through the forest, then trail no. 30 as far as Mahlbach. Next take trail no. 29 down to trail no. 9 past the historic lime kiln in Quadrat to Gasthaus Brünnl, Gasthof Gramegg and Gasthaus Niederhof as far as the crossroads with the road to Aschbach. Descend to Töll on track no. 29 A.

Landscape & Requirements: Predominantly shady forest tracks - 80% forest, suitable for climatic terrain hiking all year round; no sections place a strain on the circulatory system, so ideal as a training route in preparation for moderately difficult terrain cure trails.  


-Riolagundo Cableway valley station - free parking
-Saringstraße, Rablà (parking No 1 on the cycle trail, close to the railway station) - parking fee
-Cutraunstraße, Rablà (parking No 2 on the cycle trail, close to the railway station) - parking fee

Public transport

From Merano: the Venosta Valley Train 250 to Rabland/Rablà
From Venosta Valley: the Venosta Valley Train 250 to Rabland/Rablà

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