Partschins Waterfall from the Texelbahn Cableway Mountain Station - farm trail

a natural marvel - the unstoppable force of nature

General description

The Partschinser waterfall is one of the most impressive in the Alps. Its masses of water shoot far out over a freestanding rock face and then plunge thunderously into the depths like a cloudburst! The height of the fall is 97 m. The waterfall is most powerful at the time of snowmelt (May to June) or after heavy rainfall (water flow 4,000 to 10,000 litres per second).

Route description

Tour Start
Texelbahn cableway mountain station
Tour End
Texelbahn cableway valley station

From the mountain station of the Texelbahn cableway, follow trail n° 2B and n° 8 in the direction Rammwald mountain farm (1,305 m). From there, the way leads beyond the n° 8B to the Fletscher mountain farm (1,300 m) and further, past the Wasserfall inn (with a spectacular view point), and from there to the famous waterfall of Partschins/Parcines with a cascade of 97 m height (at 1,060 m). The way back leads along route n° 8B past the Birkenwald inn and then along n° 1 to the Winklerhof farm/inn down to the valley station of the Texelbahn cableway.


Texelbahn valley station, Via Ziel, Rabland/Rablà
All-day, in the designated parking area. Campers only between 7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
The car park at the Partschins cemetery is reserved for cemetery visitors and funerals. We ask you to respect this!

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