Indoor Schwimmingpool Meran/Merano

The modern indoor pool offers a sports pool (25 x 21m), a non-swimmers' pool (12 x 9m) and a further pool for diving with a mobile floor and is accessible from mid-September to mid-May.
The large glazed area on the north side of the building offers a picturesque view of the racecourse and the Mutspitze. Swimming lessons and aqua fitness are offered in the indoor swimming pool. 

Description to arrive at destination

From the town centre, you can reach the Meranarena via the marked cycle path. Look out for the small red cycle path signs.

Public transport

We suggest opting for public transportation for your travels.
Accessing the Meranarena is hassle-free via the Merano-Bolzano train link, starting from the main railway station and disembarking at the Untermais station. Another option is to hop on buses 211 or 212 from the city center, heading towards the 'Bahnhof Untermais' stop. It's merely a 8-minute stroll from there to the Meranarena entrance.



In Via Pallade there are parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

Bicycle parking spaces are located at the entrance to the Meranarena. Be careful not to park bicycles and electric scooters carelessly. They can pose a danger to blind and visually impaired people, as they create obstacles for walking safely along the paths and finding the entrances. Wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs can also be hindered by improperly parked bicycles. Please use the designated bicycle parking facilities.


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