Ultental active
Fit and Well Into the Summer
Ultental active
Boosting Our Immune System: this is the slogan of the Ultental Valley Active outdoor event series. Tips for a healthy and active lifestyle – straight from the specialists. Showing how to strengthen our immune system. Head into summer on the right foot: fit and healthy!
Biologist Dr Franziska Schwienbacher now runs the Winter School and is very passionate about local medicinal herbs and wild plants. Waltraud (Traudl) Schwienbacher is a pioneering theoretician on the subject of Health and Nature in South Tyrol. Her motto is: "Nature is our University".
Yoga instructor, Hanni Thöni hails from the Aussergrubhof farm in Ultimo/Ulten. In her youth, she spent every possible moment outdoors. Today, she teaches yoga and is a dedicated environmentalist. Bernadette Schwienbacher is a Prana therapist, a Bio-naturopath – as well as an InnerFitness® and Five Tibetans® Trainer, working with interior/exterior energies, both in humans and the natural world.
Monika Niederstätter is a former top athlete and Olympic Champion. Today, she is a running coach and sports psychologist.