The "Culten" Documentation Centre

The "Culten" documentation centre on the church hill of S. Valburga/St. Walburg in the Ultental Valley is set to open its doors in Spring 2018. Divided into three sections,

  • the first will house the proper documentation center illustrating ancient human activity in this habitat. Spanning the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, the Center will house a replica of a sacrificial altar. From the 6th Century BC onwards, the immediate area around the sacrificial site was found to be one of the most significant and largest repositories of human remains in the region.
  • Built with logs in characteristic 15th Century style, the second section is centered around the old F'Hochhaus farmhouse. The building was inhabited well into the 20th Century at its original location before being carefully moved about 50 m and rebuilt in the new CULTEN Documentation Center. During the removal of the old farm building, historical objects such as coins, remnants of leather, dice and hairpins dating from its original construction were discovered in the layers of insulation. Of particular interest was a pack of 15th Century playing cards, thought to be the oldest know South Tyrolean examples of the traditional Wattkarten cards. The old farmhouse will also house temporary exhibitions.
  • The third section is represented by the outdoor area, which has been cultivated with traditional crops of this region. The outdoor area invites you to linger and relax, as at the same time it forms the framework for smaller cultural events.
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