Legend trail

General description

Trail of Legends: San Genesio Atesino/Jenesien Remarkably, it was 132 students from the municipality of San Genesio Atesino who are responsible for the creation of this fabulous Trail of Legends, which they based on 14 myths from their community. Trail of Legends: San Genesio Atesino/Jenesien Starting point: Salto Parking Area (sports fields in San Genesio Atesino) Highest point: 1.500

Description to arrive at destination

If you come from north, we suggest to take the motorway exit 'Bozen Nord' and to go on in direction Bozen passing through the quarter called 'Rentch'. Take the right before the valley station of the Renon cableway and follow the signs for Jenesien. After having passed S. Antonio's bridge, take a left and after other 200 meters take a right again. Now you are on the road to Jenesien. At this point you have around 15 minutes of journey through the mountains, where you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Dolomites.
If you come from south, take the motorway exit 'Bozen Süd' and follow the many signs that will take you to destination. Attention: We invite you to follow the signs San Genesio/Jenesien on the street and not the indications of the navigation device.

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