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Round trip along the ancient "Waalweg" (irrigation channel) of Rabland

General description

In Merano and surroundings you can promenade along the ancient water channels, the so-called "Waalwege". The Waalweg in Rabland/Rablà is a tranquil circular hiking trail, perfect for a pleasant walk the whole year round for the whole family!

Route description

Tour Start
Rabland/Rablà, Lahnstraße Road
Tour End
Rabland, Lahnstraße Road

Start out at the west side of Rabland (525 m) on a narrow street between the houses and orchards, the route leads to the western end of the old irrigation channel close to the Happichl Inn. From there, walk along a flat stretch along the irrigation channel for about 30 mins until the path ends. The trail turns sharp right and a narrow track leads back to Rabland in just 20 mins.



All-day parking lot in Lahnstraße Road, Rabland (approx. 10 minutes to the irrigation channel)

Public transport

From Meran/o: train 250 or Bus 251 to Rabland
From Venosta Valley: train 250 or Bus 251 to Rabland

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