Farm bar Unterweirachhof

Anyone who knows Hermann also knows that he stands behind his products with his heart and soul.
The product range on offer diverse: bacon, pork belly, apple juice and freshly baked bread from the wood oven (depending on baking day).
Above all, Hermann Schönweger has a special relationship with wine. The approximately 250-year-old vine of the Weißer Heunischer grape variety thrives here and has been placed under protection as a natural monument.

Tradition has it that this vine was destroyed by the French during the pillaging of the courtyard during the Napoleonic Wars in 1809. When the farm was rebuilt in 1810, the vine began to sprout again. The base of the grapevine has a circumference of 106 cm. This formerly widespread grape varietal can now be found almost solely on old stock located on the viticultural fringes. Since it is a winter-hardy variety, it is also said: “from loden skirts and the Heunisch vine, Tyroleans shall never part.”

The house wine Vernatsch, a dark Cuvée, Rosé and Müller Thurgau are offered for sale. Tasting of farm-fresh produce in the adjoining tavern is possible.

Every Friday from may - september: Cooking "Muas" with Hermann. Registration: +39 0473 967008

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