Pass Museum Timmelsjoch/Passo Rombo

The Pass Museum on the North Tyrolean side juts out like an erratic boulder into the South Tyrolean side, underlining the cross-border nature of the Timmelsjoch Experience. The "Ice Cave" inside the museum pays tribute to the pioneers of the High Alpine Road and their remarkable accomplishment.

Discover all about: the history of the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, the name Timmelsjoch, a brooch dating back to the pre-Christian era.

Free admission

Opening hours: end of May until the end of October (when the Timmelsjoch road is open to traffic) · daily 7 am to 8 pm

description to arrive at destination

Coming from Merano/Meran to the Passeier Valley until S. Leonardo/St. Leonhard furtheron in direction of Passo Rombo to the Pass Museum Timmelsjoch.

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