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The intoxication of the senses - Night-time hike at the Partschins Waterfall

5-5- - 26-5-2021 20:30 - 23:00

The night-time hike to Partschins Waterfall is an adventure for the senses and an extra special experience. Accompanied by an experienced guide and the sounds of night-time nature, this hike heads up to the waterfall at a leisurely but constant tempo. The ever-louder murmur of the water and the increasingly damp air are hints that our destination is no longer far away. After a good hour-long walk we finally reach it! With a warming cup of tea in our hands, we can now enjoy a unique spectacle.
Partschins Waterfall, which, with a drop of 95 metres, is one of the most impressive in the Alps, is shown off to impressive effect with a light show. Added to this are the sounds of the musical composition by Georg Friedrich von Lingke, aka Rablander Schorsch, which has been specially arranged for this series of events. And to satisfy our taste buds too, the night-time hike draws to a close with the tasting of some Partschins delicacies.
As well as being a unique experience for the senses, this night-time hike to the waterfall is a genuine boon for body and mind.
Return with shuttle inclusive!
5-5- - 26-5-2021 20:30 - 23:00
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