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Life in balance at Partschins Waterfall

A good balance between stress and recreation, exertion and relaxation, exercise load and recuperation is essential for our health. Based on this scientifically proven insight, this special day is designed especially to achieve harmony and balance:
In the morning we go with our mountain guide, Michael, to Partschins Falls. This thrilling abseiling session along the 100 m high face of the waterfall will help to overcome fears and mobilise hitherto unexpected strengths. Surpass yourself and discover new self-confidence for everyday life during this exciting experience.
At lunchtime you will enjoy a balanced meal especially created for this day by the Partschins nutritionist, Johanna, in the wonderful Wasserfall inn. Equipped with the right balance of macro and micro nutrients you’ll be fit and ready to tackle the afternoon.
As a counterpoint to the exertions of the morning, the afternoon is devoted to targeted relaxation. Our expert, Martin, will show you how, using special techniques, you can achieve a better balance between stress and relaxation. An interactive workshop where you will learn to improve your day-to-day strengt and quality of life and cultivate a more balanced mind.
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