Wild Stinging Nettle Wild Stinging Nettle

Wild Stinging Nettle "Spaetzle"

The healthier version of the classic South Tyrolean pasta

25 Min
5 Min
For 4 people

200 g double-grip flour
250 g boiled nettle
3 eggs
A little nutmeg
Finely puree the boiled nettle together with the eggs, salt and nutmeg with a hand blender.
Then mix with the flour and whip to a tough dough.
Slice the Spaetzle with the Spaetzle planer into the boiling salted water (or scrape from the board into the water).
When the Spaetzle come to the surface, they are cooked.
Strain them in the pasta sieve and serve immediately with brown butter and parmesan.

TIP: The nettle is best picked in spring, boiled and frozen.
Recipe by: Tourist office Partschins/Parcines
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