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Until a few decades ago, infectious diseases were the most common cause of death. With advances in medicine and technology, the rate of fatal disease progressions has fallen dramatically and life expectancy has increased. Today other illnesses have come to prominence: those known as lifestyle diseases. Cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes, lung diseases and malignant tumours head the list of the most frequent causes of death in western countries. Interestingly, all of these disease patterns can be influenced by our lifestyle and are often the consequence of being overweight and insufficient exercise. According to studies by the World Health Organisation, for example, 80% of deaths caused by cardiovascular disorders could be prevented by a healthy lifestyle.

There are no more effective and cheaper ways of protecting our bodies against what are known as diseases of civilisation, than following a healthy and balanced diet. Unfortunately this potential is little used. Why not let our expert inspire you to optimise your lifestyle in an enjoyable way and build your own personal foundations for a better quality of life? The duration and frequency of consultations vary greatly depending on your objective. In collaboration with our expert devise an individually-tailored plan that you can follow in your day-to-day life with no banned foods and plenty of variety. The intensive support will help you acquire the necessary knowledge, strategies for practical implementation and the required motivation to achieve a lasting change in lifestyle.
The consultation room is in the building of the company "Fischer&Fischer".

By car:
Along the estate road "Vinschgaustraße/Via Venosta" to Töll/Tel, turn left to the industrial estate - turn right
By bus:
From Partschins/Parcines: take bus n° 266 to Töll/Tel bus stop Töll/Tel, cross the road and walk towards the industrial estate (5 minutes walking time)
From Merano/Vinschgau: take bus 251 to Töll/Tel bus stop Töll/Tel, cross the road and walk towards the industrial estate (5 minutes walking time)
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