Goat cheese pralines on wild herb salad Goat cheese pralines on wild herb salad Goat cheese pralines on wild herb salad
30 Min
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In spring and summer, you can harvest wild greens in the garden and woods and make a wonderful salad!
This salad is not only delicious, but also very healthy! Which wild herbs you use for the light salad is entirely up to your personal taste - or what the garden or forest just give! Together with the fresh goat cheese and the homemade apple cider vinegar from the farmer, this is a perfect combination for a delicious and vitalizing spring dish!

10 Wild edible plants weeds and greens to eat: wild garlic, deadnettle, chicory (chicory), sorrel, wild hop sprouts, wild asparagus, groundsel, ribwort, brook cress and yarrow.

250 g Fresh goat cheese
Black and white sesame seeds, roasted
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
4 tablespoons olive oil
Salt, pepper
Various herbs and spices to taste, fresh or dried (for the cheese pralines)
Various seasonal edible flowers for decoration
Wash all the collected herbs well and spin dry.
Shape the fresh goat cheese into several pralines. Roll the finished shaped goat cheese pralines in various finely chopped fresh or dried herbs and the collected flowers. Briefly toast the black and white sesame seeds in a pan.
For the dressing, mix olive oil with the apple cider vinegar, season with a little salt and pepper.
Put the herb salad in a bowl. Mix with the dressing just before serving.
Arrange the finished salad on plates and sprinkle with the flowers and toasted sesame seeds.
Recipe by: Janett Platino Restaurant Bad Egart
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